Hinkle Fieldhouse

Durkin and Villalta Partners Engineering strives to create high-performance, innovative solutions that save our clients money. Our goal is to create simple innovations that are less expensive to build and operate and are easier to maintain. Shown above is a partial list of projects that we believe best demonstrate this philosophy. These projects are also the best examples of the innovations we are consistently developing and refining. These projects include most, if not all of the following innovations developed and implemented by the creative minds at Durkin and Villalta Partners Engineering:

  • Innovative VAV terminal unit control strategy
  • Innovative VAV fan control strategy
  • Humidity control without reheat
  • Unit ventilator speed modulation
  • Self-balancing piping systems
  • Multiple outside air management schemes
  • Variable speed primary pumping of boiler and chiller circuits
  • Leaving air temperature control
  • Single zone VAV air handlers
  • Pressure independent control valves for HVAC application
  • Dedicated heat recovery chillers (DHRC)
  • Geo-2, next generation high performance HVAC systems
  • Metro-Thermal, using the municipal water system as a heat source/heat sink
  • Partial Geo-Thermal, getting 95% of the benefits for 75% of the cost
  • The re-invention of the 2-pipe (Smart-LoopTM) system
  • Chief national advocates for low temperature heat

MBE, DBE, and 8(a) Certified Firm
INDOT Pre-Qualified