Plumbing Engineering

DVPE brings over 50 years combined experience in plumbing engineering. Our plumbing engineers are dedicated to innovative, energy-efficient designs that ensure the safety and cleanliness necessary in all building types. They seek to create quality plumbing solutions that are affordable and customized to each individual situation.

Our plumbing services include:

Water Systems

  • Potable Water Systems for Safe Drinking
  • Grey Water Systems - DVPE designed Indiana’s first grey water system for toilet flushing, lawn irrigation and cooling tower make-up, using 100% of the rain that falls on the building during the summer. This innovative solution benefits our urban environments of combined sewers.
  • High-Purity Water Systems - Specialized water systems for controlled environments like science classrooms and medical laboratories.
  • Storm Water Removal Systems

Waste Systems

  • Waste/Vent and Acid Waste/Vent Systems
  • Grease Waste Systems for Kitchens

Fuel Systems

  • Natural Gas Systems
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems
  • Fuel Oil Systems for Heating & Diesel Generators

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Automatic Sprinklers
  • Fire Suppression Systems for Kitchens
  • Specialty Wet & Dry Automatic Systems for Specialized Applications

Specialty Systems

  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Functional/Decorative Fountains

MBE, DBE, and 8(a) Certified Firm
INDOT Pre-Qualified