IPS 87

IPS 87

Indianapolis Public Schools George Washington Carver Elementary #87 was featured in North American Design Magazine’s Summer 2010 issue article: “An Honored Project”. It has won multiple engineering awards including and the PM Engineer Excellence in Design Award in 2007 and the ASHRAE’s Technology Award in 2009.

IPS 87 was a unique two-pipe school being originally built over an underground steam. From 1935 to 2005, sump pumps ran continuously to dewater the basement – about 150 gallons per minute. In 2005, Indianapolis Public Schools decided to add air conditioning as part of its system wide improvement plan. DVPE proposed using the ground water as the geothermal heating source and cooling sink. It is the condenser cooling water for a central heater/chiller – call a GEO_HC – when air conditioning is being used. When heat is needed, the water flow through the central chiller is switched; the groundwater goes to the evaporator and the building loop is on the condenser side. The new system synthesizes technologies that separately have proven to be very effective - the heat recovery chiller and geo-thermal (earth coupled) - heating and cooling. The new system is cooling for less than half the cost of conventional equipment, and heating for about one-quarter the cost of the old system. After adding air conditioning to the facility, the school went from a nine-month calendar to a 12-month calendar but lowered total utility costs by 33 percent.

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An Honored Project
North American Design (Summer 2010)

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