Modern Two-Pipe

The two-pipe design, although an old concept, was modernized by DVPE in 1993. The original two pipe design had faded out of use due to occupant comfort being compromised on many levels. Although the system itself was inexpensive to install and maintain, seasonal changeover and a multitude of other issues eventually made the design obsolete. In 1993, New Albany-Floyd County Schools hired DVPE to design a two-pipe HVAC system for Green Valley Elementary School. The constraints of the schools budget restricted them to this option, even though they were aware of the historic problems. Wanting the project, DVPE realized that age-old problems could become opportunities for creative design. Innovations coupled with existing technology were used to create a remarkably efficient system – less expensive to build (or retrofit) and less expensive to operate.

In reviving the concept for modern use, at least nine specific problems of the former two-pipe system were addressed. These included change over time, system controls, equipment compatibility, system simplification, energy efficiency and off season conditioning demands. The result was an increase in energy savings, occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality all at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems to design, build and operate.

For more information, please refer to the article on the “Press” page:

Back to the Future: The Renaissance of the Two-Pipe System
Engineered Systems (Vol. 16, October 1999)

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