Kankakee Valley High School

s K-12 - Kankakee Valley High School

This was an HVAC Renovation of an existing 200,000 SF school, to up-date aging (40+ years old) infrastructure. DVPE’s solution was a “hybrid geo-thermal system with heat recovery.” It is a synthesis of three technologies that he either invented or pioneered the implementation thereof: low temperature heat, geothermal central systems, and heat recovery chillers. Even though this was not a poor performing building prior to the retrofit (Energy Star® score of 42), DVPE’s redesign saved the school more than $120,000 per year in utilities and reduced green house gas emissions by 1.8 million pounds per year.

This project won Governor Mitch Daniels’ 2010 Energy Efficiency and Pollution Prevention Award in the “Renewable Energy” category. Analysis of data from KVHS shows that for most of the year, the building can heat itself using the heat recovered from the lights and the children, two infinitely renewable energy sources.

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