IPS 94

K-12 - IPS #94 Project

George S. Buck Elementary School IPS #94 was done in phase 3 of a 10-year, $900M project to modernize and air condition all of the Indianapolis public schools. Throughout the 10-year larger project, IPS challenged their designers to deliver systems that were energy efficient and maintenance-friendly. After many designs from multiple consultants, by the start of phase 3, IPS had concluded that the DVPE/Durkin 2-pipe system was the solution that best met their efficiency and maintenance goals.

In the words of Steve Young, FMD Chief (Retired), "Saving money is important, but we like Durkin’s 2-pipe systems because they’re so trouble free. We get fewer temperature complaints and fewer maintenance calls from his buildings than the others. We would gladly pay more for improved reliability, the cost savings is a bonus."

IPS #94 is notable for DVPE because it is our 200th 2-pipe school. The count is currently at 237, widely recognized as a concept that is less expensive to build, less expensive to operate and easier to maintain than any other school HVAC option with no compromises in indoor air quality, occupant comfort or humidity control. This 78,000 sq. ft., $6.5M project is also LEED Certified, and was designed utilizing Revit 2011.

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