Theatre Drama

Higher Education - CTD Project

This was a complete renovation ($10.2M) of the Cinema-Theatre-Drama (CTD) building at Indiana University, a 1930’s vintage historic building and is the home of several historic murals painted by the early 20th century artist Thomas Hart Benton. CTD is one of the world’s most modern movie venues. The traditional solution for IU buildings was steam and chilled water from the campus utilities.

And IU, most like large universities, has buildings that require 12 month chilled water supply. DVPE proposed installing a heat recovery chiller in lieu of a campus steam connection. During the summer, the heat recovery system would run to meet the reheat demand of CTD and an adjacent building, and to reduce the chilled water usage at CTD.

During the winter, using the campus chilled water return line for a heat source would allow the heat recovery system to operate which will unload the big chillers at the main plant.

Typical COP of campus steam is 0.8, while the COP of this system is 6.4. Correcting for the cost of utilities, the energy saved is three times the cost to operate. The success of this project has significant implications for all colleges, industrial campuses, etc. that use chilled water year around.

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