Airport Interior

DVPE electrical engineers offer years of experience in lighting, technology and power systems design. A commitment to listening to clients’ needs and to “do it right the first time” is their foundation for successful projects. Our team also seeks out the best new technologies entering the marketplace. This puts us ahead of the competition in delivering the most efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions for our clients. Our electrical engineering services include:

Lighting Systems

Overdesigned spaces are common, but research shows that an overlit space negatively impacts comfort and can even impede learning. DVPE engineers design each space individually and appropriately for its use, thus maximizing occupant comfort and functionality. This usually also saves on energy costs.

  • Lighting Levels at IES Standards
  • High Efficiency Building Lighting Design
  • Energy Efficient Controls
  • Appropriate Use and Control of Day-lighting
  • Dramatic Showcase/Feature Lighting
  • Sports Lighting Systems
  • Auditorium/Theatrical Lighting & Dimming
  • Site & Area Lighting

Power Systems

DVPE power systems are designed for flexibility, expandability and protection. This provides our clients with opportunities for future reconfiguration and the reassurance of maximum building safety.

  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Transient Voltage Surge Protection
  • Computer Power Systems
  • Emergency Systems

Specialty Systems

Building infrastructure designed for the best technology of today, but completely adaptable for what the future brings. Our specialty systems have included, but are not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Intercom
  • Public Address
  • Security
  • Telephone
  • Video
  • Data

MBE, DBE, and 8(a) Certified Firm
INDOT Pre-Qualified