Hamilton Heights School Corporation Elementary School

Awarded Projects - Hamilton Heights Elementary Project

Hamilton Heights Elementary School is now one of the most efficient schools in the country as demonstrated by a 96 Energy Star® score. In 2010, a HVAC upgrade project was initiated to improve the classroom environment for the children and teachers. The owner’s primary objective was an Optimal Learning Environment, defined by them as: thermal comfort, indoor air quality, humidity control, low noise levels and appropriate lighting. Energy saving was a secondary objective, as was delivering the optimal learning environment in the most cost-effective way.

This project won an ASHRAE Technology Award in 2012 for the innovative way that air circulation and air quality in the school was delivered, and for a coupling of runaround coils for exhaust air energy recovery to a heat recovery chiller system. This technology innovation resulted in a 70% efficiency improvement and was actually less expensive to build than a “no energy recovery option”.

The Hamilton Heights project scope was dictated, in part, by the results of an infrared building survey done by the design team as a result of observing differences in frost formation across the roof. DVPE has made thermographic testing a part of our ‘before’ surveys and ‘after’ closeout documentation for all projects.

This 107,000 sq. ft., $2.3M project also added fire protection sprinklers to the building to address code non-compliance issues that went undetected from 1980.

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